My painting could be a skylark

Ma peinture pourrait être une Alouette

the field that opens and closes all others, which allows the experience of reality to mean something more. The space of poetic construction, of our own movement to the invisibility that define objects, but it is also a movement towards ourselves. Where we recognize not only the object, but we recognize ourselves as beings-of-the-world, eminently mortal beings, beings who are poetic and creative. A reduplication of reality, as Foucault calls it. The poiesis is, in her proximity to death, the last possibility that things are situated somewhere beyond time, leaving and craving upon them fragments of our own existence and our own body
The secret will always be as Perseus discovered it, never look directly into the face of the Gorgon perfidious, but always through his reflection in the bronze shield. As Italo Calvino says:
It is always in the denial of the direct vision that lies the strength of Perseus, but not as denial of the reality of the monster world in which he was meant to live, as reality that he brings with him and assume as his own burden.
And so Perseus flies with his winged sandals, as the only one capable to cut off the head of terrible Medusa, the only one capable to stop this slow metamorphosis of the world into a silent block of stone . The bronze shield is in the modern world, in a world of uncertain monsters that assume other unspeakable (but perhaps more dangerous) forms, the possibility of metaphorical and poetic experience. The possibility of reality recognition through poetic image. A revelation,not of the refulgent and blinding naked form of the world, but the revelation upon its spherical surface, of our own reflex and condition. “ Pedro Bismarck