Ana Maria


Born in Lisbon in 1959.
In 1982 graduated in Philosophy at University of Porto, starting her activity as a teacher of secondary education. At the same time, starts her artistic career in various areas of arts.
Was awarded several times, notably in 2005 with the prize Amadeo de Souza Cardoso.
In addition to the activity of a painter, collaborates in art workshops and events organized by artists, galleries and institutions. Writes texts for catalogs and small narrations that illustrates.
Joined the jury for the Prize Antonio Gaio – at 
the International Animated Film Festival of Espinho - CINANIMA – 2010. 
In November 2013, made a communication "the woman art and citizenship" at a meeting organized by the Association of migrant women's studies-Palace of Necessidades-Lisbon.
In June 2014 was invited to participate in the meeting , as a lecturer, where she approached the theme of painting and aging-Coimbra.

She has collaborated in the area of animation with the local community of the mountain in creativity way of life - Arouca.

In 2016 participated in
KUŞADASI MUNICIPALITY INTERNATIONAL PAINTING WORKSHOP   in Turkey and performed several times in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Kyoto.


1988-2nd Prize Art Portex-Porto
1989-honorable mention in the first National Exhibition of Painting of Coimbra
1990-honorable mention in n. v. biennial of Cerveira
1991-National Prize for Painting Júlio Resende-Gondomar
1992-3rd National Prize for Painting Boavista Futebol Clube-Porto
2003-acquisition Award at the Biennale of v. n. de Cerveira
2005-Prize Amadeo de Souza Cardoso-Amarante
2011-honorable mention-XVII Open Gallery-Beja

Solo Exhibitions:

1983-painting and not only-Casino de Espinho
1984-The Ares of the waters of the places-EG Port Gallery
1988-Things left and right Views Without Glasses  EG Gallery – Oporto
1991-what is, is eternal  EG Gallery – Oporto
1995-Painting-Coop. Tree-Porto
1997-the loquat-Lambs Gallery – Oporto
1999-a space of Sense Or a guest in space-Gallery Lambs-Porto
2000-drawing and painting  Casa da Cerca-Almada
2003-present – Mali Brito-Porto
2004-Lugarmina-s. Mamede Gallery – Lisboa
2006-33 Design – Galeria Squared  s. m. Fair
2007-the random-drawing and painting-Gallery project – V.N. Cerveira
2007  might as well Change the costumes Than die at the hands of the Director  s. Mamede Gallery – Lisboa
2008  pictures for the seducer or daredevil pictures-Photo Gallery
S. Mamede-Porto
2009-The Lady painting and BFLAT JAZZ CLUB-JAZZ-Matosinhos
2009 – presentation of "moving pictures" in Van Gogh's Chair
2010-tea and Painting Love-s. Mamede Gallery – Lisboa
2012-my painting Could Be a lark  são Mamede Gallery – Lisboa/Porto
2013  velvet Designs  Museum of the city of Espinho-Face.
2015  paper Hands-window of shop Magasin at the Miguel Bombarda-Porto
2016-  Letters to tóquio – Earth Gallery – kiba – tóquio
2016  - Thw house of Muu – Lisbon – Gallery São Mamede

Group exhibitions:

1981  New Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes-Lisbon
1985  Turkish bath  Diagonal  Cascais Gallery
1986-Bienal de Arte de v. n. de Cerveira
1987-Mark Wood-Funchal
1988  Eleven painters of Porto-Lisbon-Picoas Forum
1989-Forum de arte contemporânea de Lisboa
1993  guest artists and Le Cannet-France
1994  Fidelity Prize young painters – Porto
1997-2nd Prize Amadeo de Souza Cardoso-Amarante
1998  Pilgrimage  Japan
2002  Small Movements in Styrofoam and Other Soils  Library of s. m. da Feira
2003-contemporary artists  Cultural Centre-Tavira
2004  Contemporary art fair – Lisboa
2005-Contemporary art fair – Lisboa

2006-Contemporary art fair – Lisboa
2006-the port – Galeria s. Mamede-Porto
2007  Workshopde large format Printmaking-v. n. Cerveira
2007-large format Printmaking exhibition in Liège
2007-Gallery Anniversary Squared-S.M. Feira
2007-Art Madrid-Atocha-Madrid
2007  Contemporary art fair-Lisbon
2008-Art Madrid-Atocha-Madrid
2008-commemorating the April 25  v. n. Cerveira-Plintoposter
2008  Pottery – Galeria Alvarez
2008-Collaboration Project of sculptor Paul Neves to the imaginary-S.M. Feira
2008-cooperation in the project "sounds of línea" Belvì-Sardinia
2008-meeting of painting and Ceramics in Cinfães do Douro.
2008-Ceramic Workshop-building Role ovens. V. n. de Cerveira.
2008-exhibition of Ceramics – Galeria Franchini-Porto
2008-exhibition of Ceramics – Galeria Alvarez
2008-Contemporary art fair – Lisboa
2009-Art Madrid-Atocha-Madrid

2009-Collaboration in an article on "the word of artist" in paragraph 1 of the Magazine
2009 – participation in April 25 celebrations in V.N. de Cerveira
2009-participation in a Panel to commemorate the April 25-Circle lyrics
2009 – participation at the event organized by T-MAN Space T-Port
2009  biennial of Cerveira  Panoramic Area-Tui-Galicia
2009 – exhibition of painting on pottery-Avilez  Spain
2009 – exhibition of Ceramics  Aveiro
2009 – exhibition of Pottery In CRAT-Porto
2009  participation in the project OUT ART-Porto
2010 – participation in the event of commemoration of 8 March-Crat-Porto
2010  Artis Seia-Arts Festivals
2010 – participation-Carmen Miranda Award
2011-Art Project taboos – organization Space T-Port
2011-Contemporary art fair of Lisbon
2012-Carunas mount-joint project with Antonio Alonso-Carrapateira-Algarve
2012-group exhibition of Gallery Artists s. Mamede-Pease pottage-Algarve
2013-Icons of faith  monastery of Grijó/Cloisters of Santo Domingo  Viana do Castelo
2013 – stories Clipped-Magdalena Art Gallery – Oporto
2013  Archaeological Station do Freixo-Marco de Canavezes
2014-design Doma-Marina of Vila Nova Gaia-cartography of Woman Mother near the sea

2009-the game of Cards-V.N. Cerveira
2009-the dance of Eyes  International Biennial of v. n. de Cerveira
2010 – presentation of Charming Machine in Miguel Bombarda
2010  artistic residency in LAC – Lagos
2011-o kartistas-Miguel Bombarda and Braga book fair/Andrea Inocencio and AnaMaria
2011-o kartistas of Algarve holiday-artist residency in LAC – Lagos
2012  artistic residency in Lakes-LAC  multidisciplinary Project  dance of the Eyes.
2014  collective Performance with the musicians Maresuke Contracello and MathiasBoss within the Nascent Cooperative's birthday-Thorn
2014 – Performance  the trees also love  Thorn  a presentation of video art in theformer building of the BNU-Festival 8-24
2014  the House of Sofia – Rising Cooperative-Thorn
2015-"Sound" with the Group Cross next to the after party at the Mall Music ofCedofeita

Other Equity
2009  Literary Club-collective project  the Charming Machine – Ana Maria, Tita Costaand Simon Bolivar
2010-Ceramics/Crat role – Porto
2010-Braga book fair  the color of writing: the word, the colour and nature of writtenviews on paper.
In 2011-held a sculptural piece of granite to the Peneda Geres National Park at the invitation of the Chamber of Arcos de Valdevez
2012-installation – Garden of pomegranates in Carrapateira-Algarve
2013/14-"working with the community" with key "art-Arouca
2015-integration into the project group "Poetry in the body"-how many are selves?-Santa Maria da Feira-Imaginárius-Festival

2015-integration in the project of Madalena Vitorino for Imaginárius – Museum of paper-Paços de Brandão-Expands

2015/16 – Tokyo-Nagoia - Osaka- Kioto – Performance – live painting – Ekota Flying Tea Pot, Le Violon-Assagaya, Nattula-musicians: Irya, Yasunori Tani, Hideki Hashimoto, Ippei Katou,Michio Takami and Karimata Sasaki, Teruuchi Hisaharu, Maresuke Contracello and Norbert Stammberger.